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KoreConX is the first all-in-one platform for private companies to manage company records, capital market activity, fundraising and investments.

"This is a game changer in a market where resources tend to be fragmented. KoreConX is the solution that brings it all together in one place."

Peter Benjamin, MyOffices.com
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Engaging investors is as critical as enlisting them in the first place. Proactive disclosure shows support for the supporters, and welcomes future rounds. KoreConX provides the venue to inform and impress shareholders, and to keep them connected.


Regulation is only one of the reasons good companies prioritize security, but it’s a big one. The compliance-centric audit trails, checklists, activity visibility, standard reporting and secure access are all signatures of the KoreConX commitment to business compliance.

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Sherwood Neiss, Partner, Crowdfund Capital Advisors.

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Features help your business grow

Portfolio Management

Get the full and simplified view of all your investments, organized in one central location. View company information (including board and management team), scheduled meetings, voting opportunities (electronic/e-voting), send and receive messages. Categorized by holding type (shares, options, warrants, debentures, etc.), as well as designations such as public and private.

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CapTable Management

Manage your capitalization table down to each transaction including the details and documents that are cross-linked to the individual security holder’s profiles. View the information in summary or by security type (shares, options, warrants, debentures, loans, promissory notes, SAFE/SAFT, etc.). Easily update data with the powerful bulk upload tool.

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Minute Book

Keep bylaws, shareholder agreements, articles of incorporation and other business-critical documents in one secure location. Provide access to lawyers, auditors, shareholders and prospective investors, allowing consistent view across all parties.

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Deal Room

Reach out to raise capital through our connected partners, without duplicating effort. With pre-populated term sheets stating the 3rd party’s document requirements up front, only complete forms will be submitted to financing sources. Maximize opportunities to raise capital through the participating fundraising platforms listed in the Deal Room. Find investors who are looking for opportunities such as yours.

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Investor Relations

Communicate with investors and potential investors directly using KoreConX Investor Relations feature. Track shareholder engagement with the ability to view downloads and confirm opened messages. Generate reports sent directly from the platform, complete regulatory filings, contract facilitation and more. Set up, organize and run shareholder meetings, create e-voting items and track responses.

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