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Minute Book

Minute Book Secures and Centralizes All Investment Related Documentation.

All important company documents are accessible for business incorporation management and business document management through KoreConX Minute Book feature. In most financial transactions, companies are required to show proof that the company was “duly incorporated.” Having current records for all company actions make these types of processes less painful and less expensive.

Access permissions are granted to pertinent parties, including stakeholders, lawyers and financial institutions, allowing for valuable collaboration and tracking, and avoids boards re-creating and ratifying all past actions.

Guidance for Complete Application Processes.

KoreConX permits legal and board members to edit or add material directly into the business documents, avoiding email distribution delays, security leaks and off-line version control.

Minute Book Manager documents include:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Bylaws
  • Board officers and packages
  • Election of officers
  • Board minutes
  • Options granted
  • Authorized shares
  • Company templates
  • Filings
  • News releases
  • Annual reports
  • Special reports
  • Miscellaneous folders


Real-time change tracking saves time and eliminates mistakes around version control.

KoreConX Gives Insight to the Stakeholders That Matter Most.

Investors, lawyers and accountants need access to up-to-date information when working on any financial related transaction. Make it simple and automatic by sharing critical documents securely to the correct stakeholders within the transaction.

All groups will remain aligned and up-to-date on all critical documentation for maximum efficiency and compliance.

Roderick Wilmer, private investor.

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