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KoreConX Share Registry Allows The Ability To Easily Transfer, Sell, Trade Shares Electronically Between Shareholders.

The KoreConX Share Registry issues electronic stock certificates, updates stock ledgers and the CapTable Manager in real-time. Companies can issue and track shares, digital securities, options, warrants, loan, promissory notes, convertible notes or SAFEs. At conversion, they’re linked to their resulting certificates. 

The costly, outdated practices of manual paperwork and lengthy turnaround time are cut out of the process. Businesses can live free of shipping and lost certificate fees associated with issuing physical stock certificates.

KoreConX Share Registry Simplifies managing your company capital structure.

Businesses can manage securities-based on digital securities, crowd-funded transactions in one platform, and take advantage of cost savings.

The traditional inefficiencies required by crowd-issuers are eliminated by KoreConX Share Registry’s online, single-platform hosting. The costly, outdated practices of manual paperwork and lengthy turnaround time are cut out of the process.

KoreConX Offers Professional Shareholder Support, and Gives Investors Peace of Mind.

Professional transfer agent services provide support directly to issuers and shareholders, delivering a personalized experience where investors know an independent, professional share registry agent is managing your stock. In addition, 

Investors engage with greater confidence when shareholder transactions are more than just transactional and fosters an environment of trust. KoreConX Share Registry’s commitment to investor success sheds a positive light on growing businesses.


Sherwood Neiss, Partner, Crowdfund Capital Advisors.

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